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City of Gold Urban Art Festival 2018

The City of Gold festival took place on the 7th – 13th of October in the Braamfontein district.

The Jozi streets are busy as usual, taxis hoot, people nibbling and chatting, young students masked with concentrating faces while awaiting for the green man  on the traffic lights to give right of way; as soon as the green flashes the Jozi movement starts again, you see working class and non working class, all inter breeding with each other in this passage way, a short distance road before they disperse into their dispersed routes, nothing out of the ordinary seems to be new under these circumstances- it's just Jozi in the action and reaction vibe.

Stop, close your eyes, try not to think, demand silence in your head, open your ears; can you hear the sound of two iron marbles dancing inside a tin, can you hear the sound of a truck changing gears inside of an empty tin, breath in, breath out, can you smell the lovely paint of colors in the atmosphere, if you could wrap up such a moment and package it, you’d surely end up with a spray can in your hand, it comes with an empty sound that makes a lot of noise on the wall.

If you were a time traveler that got lost on the west side of the Mandela bridge, you’d be gobsmacked by the subtleness surrounding these graffiti artists, who are also time travelers that came from various countries to paint the Braamfontein district. The year of your landing is exactly 07/10/2018 all you can do now is watch magic happen, most of these artists at work are legends, who are safely protected by the purpose at hand, the only time you are star struck is when they put the spray can down to come and greet you.

The festival was easily happening, as it should, no tension from the angle we were viewing things from, this was an organization that wasn’t up-tightly organized.
The main focus of this year's City Of Gold Festival was strictly meant to concentrate on Braamfontein, more than at least 9 pieces were done in the district- the murals definitely change the look and feel of the place, it seems the locals were also enjoying themselves taking selfies and pictures of the art works, the murals definitely spoke in volumes of colors, because even the normal person found themselves in the narrative of the artists' work.

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