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Changes in Johannesburg

When you look back to Joburg 11 years ago, no one ever thought this city would have a positive buzz again, the city was one of the most feared red-taped cities in the world- Joburg cringingly made it to the top 10’s list of most dangerous cities in the world; a Jurassic park like no other- survival of the jungle type of gorilla, swinging across small street, hand grabbing skyscrapers from side to side, hand gliding on park station train cables and pop up on the other side of Noord taxi rank: Swooop!! Swooooshhh!! Dwoooooshhhhh!!! Landing at Joubert park; to power up into one great jump on to the Telkom Tower 🔝 view, feet gripping the building for balance, body clock ticking sideways into a still moment; mouth open, sharp teeth red gums glowing, hands viciously banging on the chest, loud screams echoing across the concrete jungle to let you know that the territory is now marked; you may now proceed back to your casual lives again.

The "procurers" and gangsters didn't mind having such a vile title, they could stand on top of the podium and cling on to that trophy 24/7 with no attempt at trying too hard to be what they are not; it is just a Jozi lifestyle they say; the Wild Wild West a desert of those who can do best.

11 years back though isn't as different as the early 1900’s when Johannesburg was a real wild Wild West Town; all the wagons and cowboy boots on the move, add a short gun to the scene for our bud spencer who occupies the passenger seat; another group sits quietly in the historical capsule with cowboy hats circulating the head- cut face and all you see is the nose and bottom lips hanging from the tense moment of the scenery; bags of gold burden the floor: phhhhaaaaa!! Phhaaaa!! Crime on the high rise another day goes by in the city of Joburg.

Jozy Triangel took the risk of introducing Joburg to the world during the prime time of crime festivity, we showed local citizens what the future can look like, we respected the locals and they respected us, the villains became local people who made us their equal, we co-existed because at that moment we were all ready for change, let’s put our guns down and welcome the people of the world, till this day we continue to change mindset and work with the public, today we can reflect and say courage is everything education is fearless, education is for everyone, and not everyone is a villain until you meet them face to face, today we are doing more walking tours in the city, today we have multiplied, today we are greeted by stranger on our tour-full journey, today we are sitting in a coffee shop with the world and drinking to progression. ☕😌 with Craft Coffee.

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